Founder and Formulator

In 2017 while I was seated in my third and final desk job I realized I was no longer happy and I knew that I needed a creative output, so I decided to quit.

Fast-forward to 4 months from then I created an Instagram page and borrowed 400LKR (equivalent to £1.43) from my mother to buy 4 jars. I was able to sell 4 sugar scrub jars within the first week.

I started out with a range of natural products mainly targeting acne and pigmentation as they were my main concerns as a teenager. Today I have over 10 years of experience in formulating skincare and I’ve come a long way from my simple sugar scrubs.

All our products are naturally sourced and handmade, our product range includes, serums, clay masks, face and body washes. I try to keep the products as simple, clean and as effective as possible without any harsh ingredients in order for our customers to get maximum results and minimize the chemical footprint. We guide our customers to move to safer and clean ingredients while helping them to select a skincare routine that suits them.

Currently, I have a following of 10.6k on Instagram and we have helped thousands of customers with their skin concerns.

So join me as I share with you the best skincare tips and brands that I truly love and promote. I’ll be able to answer all your questions, we will support one another as we Glow, Grow and Go forward in life. I am so excited to share all my experiences and take you on all my journeys to come.

Stay Blessed,


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